December 9, 2023

Business Visa

The Business Visa Is Mightier Than Sword

Visa Requirements for your business trip to Canada

If you are preparing a business trip to Canada, you might be wondering what visa requirements you must comply with as a business visitor. Do you need a business visa? Is it enough to apply for a eTA Visa Canada? In this article, we explain everything.

Canada is an excellent market for companies that are searching to grow their business internationally. The great economic freedom of the country, its highly skilled workforce and the easy access to the US market have made of Canada one of the most dynamic economies in the world and a great country to do business with. If you are preparing a business trip to Canada, be aware that you probably do not need to apply for a traditional visa. In most cases, an eTA visa Canada is enough.

Do I need a visa to go to Canada for a business trip?

In principle, you do not need a visa if you are flying to Canada for a business trip. However, you will need to apply for an eTA visa Canada. This electronic travel permit is intended for tourists or business travelers who will stay in the country for less than 6 consecutive months.

Who is eligible for an eTA visa Canada?

If you are a UK citizen and you want to expand your business or invest in the country without entering the Canadian labour market, you can apply for an eTA Canada. There are a series of conditions for this, though. For instance, you must arrive to Canada by air, and you must not plan to stay in the country for more than 6 months. Besides, your company and source of income must be based outside Canada. Among the activities that you are entitled to do with an eTA visa Canada are:

· attending a meeting, conference or fair trade

· Providing after-sales service

· Train employees of the Canadian branch of a foreign organization

· Being trained by a Canadian company you collaborate with

· Taking orders for goods or services

How do I get a eTA visa Canada?

Obtaining your eTA is quick and easy. You only have to fill in an online form and provide a series of data, like your contact and travel details, your passport number and some general questions about your employer and your background. After submitting your application, the Canadian Inmigration Services will decide if you can obtain an eTA. Unless you have a penal record or you may pose a risk to the health or safety of the country, your eTA will probably be granted in just a couple of hours. You will receive your eTA on your email inbox.

How long is the validity of the eTA Canada?

Once granted, the eTA Canada is valid for 5 years, or until your passport expires. During that period of time, you can visit Canada not only for business, but also for tourism. Each visit can last up to 6 months.