December 10, 2023

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us work permit extension: Good news for immigrants, US announces 1.5 years extension for some expiring work permits

The government of the United States has extended the expiry of immigrant work permits. Only a certain number of immigrants have been allowed this privilege. They include the people looking for green cards (the official name of the Permanent Resident Card of the US) and partners of H1-B visa holders.

This rule states that many of the immigrants will be allowed to use their expired work visas for the next 18 months. It has come as a blessing for many working Indians looking for refuge in the US without any legal interruption in their occupation and survival.

This was announced by the Homeland Security Department on May 3rd, 2022, and will go into effect on Wednesday, May 4th, 2022.

The policy is meant to acknowledge the unprecedented 1 million immigrant applications submitted to the legal immigration agency of the country. A hundred thousand people will get a legal chance to work, thus solving the problem of labor shortages.

What did the Department of Homeland Security say on this?

The last extension of 180 days has been automatically prolonged for 540 days from the expiration date, as mentioned in the current EADs (Employment Authorisation Cards). The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is swamped with cases. The previous 180-days extension was deemed inefficient.

It also said that this albeit temporary rule would provide the non-citizens to maintain their households and continue to support their families well. This will also help the country’s employers run their work and business without any interruptions and instability.

What are the exact rules of USCIS?

  • All the immigrants with a lapsed 180 days extension, and an expired work permit will be given an extension period for employment authorization and EAD validity.
  • Those non-citizens who are still under the previous extension period of 180 days will be given an additional 360 days, which totals up to 540 days, and will gain an extension for EAD validity.
  • Those people who have a valid EAD and have applied for the renewal of it will be given a 540 days extension if the renewal fails to process before the expiration of EAD.

A green card ensures that the person living in the United States is a permanent resident of the nation. The H1-B visa is given to those who let American companies hire people who specialize in theoretical or technical expertise. Many up-and-coming technological companies employ thousands of Indian and Chinese workers every year. This program is the most on-demand visa among Indians and Chinese.

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