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Top 10 IT Companies In USA 2022

Top 10 IT Companies in USA

The list of the top US IT firms by total revenue and market value. The top 10 IT companies in USA are covered in this article. The most important role in the US Technology industry is being played by IT and software businesses.

If you wish to make investments in the top IT businesses in the United States, such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle, this article is the finest resource for you.

The USA is one of the largest centers for IT offshore, and top IT firms here have a major impact on the growth of the economies of the host nations. According to several survey reports, the IT sector’s revenue increased by 7.9% in FY20 to $196 billion and creates more than 27000 jobs annually in the USA.

Every firm has always aimed for expansion and increased return on investment. Businesses across several industries are using information technology to achieve these objectives more effectively.

IT and software companies help businesses enhance their offerings and use the internet to reach a future global audience. US-based IT and software development companies provide a plethora of facilities to serve their clients.

Businesses in the IT and software industries have demonstrated the value of delivering superior and accurate results at every stage of the business process.

Businesses and firms can get in touch with IT and software providers for every need, including defining corporate objectives, improving services or goods, marketing, stock management, personnel management, and everything in between.

I have created a list of the top 10 IT & software development businesses in the USA in 2022 since a flawless custom software development company determines the success of the business.

Before deciding on the list, I have researched and taken into account the companies’ years of experience, knowledge, abilities, employee strength, and a number of other factors. The businesses below are all based in different American cities, like Florida, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and so forth.

By advancing technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented and virtual reality (VR), big data analytics, and cybersecurity, top USA-based software, and IT companies not only provide traditional IT services but also reshape the world.

Top 10 IT Companies in the USA Ranked by Revenue and Market Cap.

Here are the top ten IT companies in the United States. Based on total revenue and market capitalization, the list is evaluated.

  1. Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

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The American firm Microsoft Corporation is situated in Redmond, Washington. In terms of American software companies, Microsoft continues to hold the top spot.

Selling computer software, particularly the Windows and Microsoft Office programs, and the Edge and Internet Explorer web browsers. With the Xbox video gaming consoles, Microsoft Surface touchscreen PCs, and associated services, it is also involved in consumer electronics. According to revenue and total market capitalization for IT companies worldwide, it is the biggest IT company in the USA.

In terms of market capitalization, Microsoft is the top-ranked firm in the USA. By 2022, it will be the largest among the top 10 IT corporations in the USA. Windows, Server, Office, and other associated software programs are Microsoft’s best-selling products. Microsoft currently has a $1.6 trillion market value, 5.74 EPS, a P/E ratio of 27.67, and a dividend yield of 2.04.

The Microsoft Corporation offers a wide range of services and software products. Through the Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft also provides services like desktop processing services to both people and businesses.

The largest software corporation in the world is Microsoft. Microsoft offers a variety of operating systems, software development, server applications, and other goods.

In addition to selling video gaming consoles, digital music services, and other products, Microsoft is a market leader in cloud computing technologies and services.

CEO:- Satya Nadella

Headquarters:- Redmond, Washington, United States

Revenue:- 16,800 crores USD

Market Cap:- 2,576.06B

Employees:- 181,000 (2021)

  1. Adobe Systems, Inc. (ADBE)

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Charles Geschke and John Warnock launched the business in 1982. The two computer scientists created a programming language specifically created to express the precise location, shape, and size of things on a computer-generated page while working at Xerox Corporation’s Palo Alto (California) Research Center (PARC).

This page description language, which became known as PostScript, used mathematical terms to describe things like letters and graphics without mentioning any particular computer or printer. Any device that could understand the language could produce a representation of the page at any resolution the device supported.

Warnock and Geschke established their own firm to commercialize the technology after Xerox declined, and named it after a creek near their homes.

On the NASDAQ, Adobe is traded. Adobe, which is best known for its product Acrobat Reader provides different kinds of services.

For managing content, creating media, and working with a variety of platforms and devices, Adobe provides different kinds of software services and products.

The current market capitalization of Adobe is $162.1 billion, with an EPS of 6.60 and a high P/E ratio of 50.84. One of the leading American software manufacturers is Adobe. It is known to be one of the top US-based IT firms. Additionally, it is a global corporation.

CEO:- Shantanu Narayen

Headquarters:- San Jose, California, United States

Revenue:- 1,286.8 crores USD

Market Cap:- 327.53B

Employees:- 22,516 (2020)

  1. Oracle Corp.(ORCL)

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Oracle Finance is a well-known supplier of middleware, services, enterprise software, and products in addition to computer hardware. It is a front-runner in database solutions globally.

On the list of the top 3 IT companies in the US, One of the top US-based IT companies that Larry Ellison advises is Oracle.

It has mostly expanded through international acquisitions. Its market value is reportedly $153.7 billion, its EPS is 3.18, and its P/E ratio is 15.07.

Oracle creates enterprise information management software for workstations, network computers, mainframes, PCs, personal digital assistants, and other devices.

With versions available for numerous operating systems and a variety of processors, from giant mainframes to small laptops, Oracle remained a leader in database technology.

Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle in 2008 for $1 billion, together with the open-source MySQL database, the Solaris operating system, and the Java programming language for computers.

Before approving the transaction in January 2010, the European Union demanded guarantees from Oracle that it will continue to maintain and develop MySQL.

Later that year, Oracle sued Google, Inc. for more than $1 billion, claiming that Google had improperly used Java in the creation of the Android mobile operating system. A jury determined in 2016 that Google had not breached Oracle’s copyrights after years of legal action and a trial that was remanded.

CEO:- Larry Ellison

Headquarters:- Austin, Texas, United States

Revenue:– $40.47 billion (2021)

Market Cap:- $ 217.33B

Employees:- 132,000 (2021)

  1., Inc.(CRM)

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One of the most modern American IT firms, Salesforce, began working on Digital Transformation projects before several of the country’s largest IT firms.

Salesforce is a corporation that offers software as a service (SaaS) for cloud computing and focuses on customer relationship management (CRM).

Businesses can use the software to track customer activity, market to customers, and do a variety of other tasks. It has become the best for customer success.

The business uses cloud computing, a software distribution model that hosts programs and makes them accessible online. This makes it a service as a software (SaaS) provider.

According to the company, Salesforce’s sales cloud gives companies the ability to manage teams, keep tabs on contacts, and identify opportunities to increase sales.

Through its marketing cloud, Salesforce helps companies track client journeys and provides multichannel marketing campaigns. In contrast, their community cloud enables both client-client and direct customer engagement between businesses and their customers.

CEO:- Marc Benioff

Headquarters:- San Francisco, California, United States

Revenue:- $21.25 billion (2021)

Market Cap:- $294.84 Billion

Employees:- 56,606 (January 31, 2021)

  1. International Business Machines Corp.(IBM)

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Leading American computer maker IBM, or International Business Machines Corporation holds a significant market share both domestically and internationally. Its corporate office is in Armonk, New York.

In 1911, three smaller businesses that produced punch-card tabulators and other office supplies were combined to become the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company.

Thomas Watson, a leader with significant marketing talent who took over as general manager in 1914 and had fully taken over the company by 1924, gave the business its current name.

Watson turned the then-struggling business into the nation’s top producer of punch-card tabulating systems used by both public and private sector organizations. Additionally, he created a fiercely competitive and disciplined sales team that tailored the company’s specially designed tabulating systems to the demands of different clients.

IBM is among the top 5 best companies in 2021 with a market valuation of $124525.7M.

CEO:- Arvind Krishna

Headquarters:- Armonk, New York, United States

Revenue:- 7,362 crores USD (2020)

Market Cap:- $ 124525.75M

Employees:- 3,45,900 (2020)

  1. Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ)

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The Hewlett-Packard Company, also known as HP or Hewlett-Packard, was a global American company that specialized in information technology with headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

For consumers, small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations, as well as clients in the public sector, the healthcare industry, and the education sector, different kinds of hardware parts, software, and related services were produced and made available by HP.

Bill Hewlett and David Packard started the business in a one-car garage in Palo Alto in 1939, and it first made a range of electronic test and measurement tools. The HP Garage at 367 Addison Avenue has been named the “Birthplace of “Silicon Valley” and is now a recognized California Historical Landmark.

With the focus remaining on its later products, like PCs and printers, HP spun off its electrical and bio-analytical test and measurement instruments division into Agilent Technologies in 1999.

It united with Compaq in 2002 and bought Electronic Data Systems in 2008, resulting in combined revenues of $118.4 billion that year. In 2009, it was ranked number nine on the Fortune 500.

HP announced its acquisition of 3Com in November 2009, and the transaction was completed on April 12, 2010. HP stated on April 28, 2010, that it would acquire Palm, Inc. for $1.2 billion.

HP won the bidding war for 3PAR on September 2, 2010, with an offer of $33 per share ($2.07 billion), which Dell rejected to match.

CEO:- Enrique Lores

Headquarters:- Palo Alto, California, United States

Revenue:- 5,664 crores USD

Market Cap:- 3.66TCr

Employees:- 53,000 (2020)

  1. Intuit Corp. (INTU)

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Consumers, small businesses, independent contractors, and accounting professionals can all benefit from the financial management and compliance services and products that Intuit Inc. offers in the US, Canada, and other countries.

Small Business & Self-Employed, Consumer, Credit Karma, and ProConnect are the company’s four operating segments.

QuickBooks Online Advanced, a cloud-based solution, QuickBooks Enterprise, a hosted solution, QuickBooks Self-Employed, QuickBooks Commerce, a solution for product-based businesses, QuickBooks Online Accountant, and QuickBooks Accountant

Desktop Plus solutions, as well as payroll solutions like online payroll processing and direct deposit of employee wages, are all offered by the Small Business & Self-Employed segment.

CEO:- Sasan K. Goodarzi

Headquarters:- Mountain View, California, United States

Revenue:- 963.3 crores USD

Market Cap:- 17.91TCr

Employees:- 10,000

  1. Mastercard

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The Mastercard International Global Headquarters in Purchase, New York serves as the corporate headquarters for the American international financial services company Mastercard Inc.

Through its comprehensive selection of payment programs and services, it is a technology company in the global electronic payment sector that processes electronic payments.

It collaborates with several firms worldwide to link corporations, financial institutions, merchants, and customers in many transactions by using its own branded electronic payment cards.

The quarterly and annual reports from MasterCard provide information on sales and gross dollar volume. The values display the total amount of money that was transacted across all of its issued branded cards.

MasterCard is able to provide a variety of cards while diversifying its client base in both existing and emerging areas thanks to strategic partnerships with major market competitors. Debit, credit, and prepaid cards are all included in its electronic payment cards.

Tech has a market valuation of approximately $334.94 billion and is among the top 10 IT companies in the US, ranked eighth.

CEO:- Michael Miebach

Headquarters:- Purchase, Harrison, New York, United States

Revenue:- 1,530 crores USD (2020)

Market Cap:– 317.03B

Employees:- 21,000 (2020)

  1. Nvidia

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American global technology business Nvidia Corporation is based in Santa Clara,  California, and Delaware. It creates systems on chips for mobile computing and the automotive industry, and graphics processing units for the gaming and professional markets.

It operates the GeForce and Tegra mobile processor brands and has moved into the gaming market with the Shield line of tablet computers, handheld devices, and Android TV. Nvidia now makes chips for supercomputers, particularly those powering applications for artificial intelligence and scientific research.

Nvidia stated on January 24, 2022, that Meta Platforms, formerly Facebook, would use its technology to create its AI Research SuperCluster (RSC).

The largest client installation of Nvidia’s NVIDIA DGX A100 systems is anticipated to be this AI supercomputer.

The DGX A100 system from Nvidia offers complete AI solutions for applications in analytics, training, and inference.

Nvidia creates and markets GPUs for professional use, gaming, cryptocurrency mining, and chip systems for use in automobiles, robots, and other instruments. The company’s main rivals include Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Intel Corp. (INTC) (AMD).

It ranks among the best US IT companies with 1,092 crores in sales. It is one of the quickly growing IT organizations in the USA.

CEO:- Jensen Huang

Headquarters:- Santa Clara, California, United States

Revenue:- 1,092 cr. USD

Market Cap:- 81.68TCr

Employees:- 18,100 (October 2020)

  1. PayPal

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An electronic substitute for conventional paper methods like checks and money orders, An online payment system is run in most countries by PayPal Holdings, Inc., a multinational financial technology company based in the United States. This system facilitates online money transfers.

After Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, PayPal is now the fifth most popular payment method and is accessible at millions of online retailers. PayPal, which serves as a middleman between your bank and merchants, protects the privacy of your payment information.

Digital payments are dominated by PayPal. It handled four billion payment transactions in just Q3 of 2020 and has upwards of 360 million active users in more than 200 countries. PayPal has provided customers with various methods to pay and receive money online since 1998.

With a market valuation of 22.06 trillion dollars, PayPal is one of the top ten technology firms in the United States. A well-known business that runs an international online payment system is PayPal Holdings.

By facilitating online transactions in exchange for a fee, Paypal benefits online retailers and commercial users by providing an electronic substitute for conventional checks and money orders.

CEO:- Dan Schulman

Headquarters:- San Jose, California, United States

Revenue:- 2,145 crores USD (2020)

Market Cap:- 22.06TCr.

Employees:- 26,500 (2020)