December 9, 2023

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The Business Visa Is Mightier Than Sword

Citizenship By Investment In Japan – The Application Process

The Japanese passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. You could travel visa-free to up to 193 countries with a Japanese passport. On top of that, you’ll find it easier to pass mortgage examinations and receive social security benefits. You’ll also have the freedom to find a job or change careers. This is how you can apply for citizenship by investment in Japan:

Where to apply for an Investor Visa

Applications for an Investor Visa are accepted and processed at the immigration office in Japan. So, if you stay or are visiting Japan, you should apply in person. If you aren’t in Japan, you can take help from a certified immigration official to submit your papers on your behalf.

Requirements to apply for an Investor Visa

The requirements for a Japanese Investor Visa vary for an entrepreneur setting up a new business in Japan and for someone managing an existing business. If you are setting up a new business:

  • You need to invest at least ¥5,000,000 (approximately $46,800) in the business (paid-in capital). The chances of getting an investor visa are higher with a higher investment. The company also needs to be incorporated for you to be eligible for an investor visa.
  • Your business plan should be transparent and fall in line with the rules and regulations of the Japanese legislature. The business proposal should show that your business is practical and will generate profits.
  • Some businesses, such as hotels and restaurants, require the business owner to possess appropriate certifications and/or licenses to function legally.
  • You need at least three years of working experience in the type of business you’re trying to set up.
  • You need to have an office from where your business will function. You can find a workspace through a guarantor in Japan.
  • If you are outside Japan while applying to establish a company, your business should have at least one co-founder or co-director that is a permanent resident, a Japanese national, or a foreign national with a long-term visa. Apart from you, the company should have at least two full-time employees that are residents of Japan.
  • If you are in Japan to manage an existing business:
  • The minimum financial investment can be just ¥2,500,000
  • Your company can have one full-time employee apart from you. And he/she must be a resident of Japan.
  • Your salary should be the same or higher than that of a Japanese national in a similar position.

How to apply for an Investor Visa

Before applying for an investor visa:

  • Your company should be set up, and you must have a tax accountant and a certified immigration professional to help manage work.
  • You should wait for the confirmation of your application for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE.)
  • Once the COE is ready, you can collect it from the immigration office and exchange it for an Investor Status of Residence (SOR) at an Embassy or Consulate of Japan.
  • Foreign nationals are recommended to apply with the help of a Japanese immigration official. If you have excellent Japanese language skills, you may apply yourself.

How long does it take for the application process?

Creating and establishing a business takes some time. It involves several things, such as searching for an office, hiring employees, setting up administration, etc. It usually takes about twelve weeks for a new business to get COE. You’ll get the SOR in another two to three weeks.

How long will the visa last?

A Japanese investor visa can last for one, three, or five years. If you are starting a business, you get a visa for only one year. You can renew it, and the duration of the renewed visa will depend on your business or the business you represent. After renewing the visa several times, you may apply for a permanent resident visa.

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