December 10, 2023

Business Visa

The Business Visa Is Mightier Than Sword

Brides Wanted : The Tribune India

Jat Sikh parents seek suitable match for son, Financial Data Engineer, 5′-9″, January 1979, US citizen, looking for well educated girl, please send picture & biodata. [email protected]

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin boy, 5′-8″, 13.02.1991, Chandigarh,  working as Software Engineer at TCS, Gurgaon, 15 LPA. 70875-59695.

Professionally qualified match for Canadian PR handsome, turbaned, teetotaller boy from status family, 6′-3″, Jan. 1989, B.Tech., MBA, working with Bell Canada (Toronto). Call/WhatsApp: 98556-01364.

US citizen/ PR match for a Jat Sikh, 91 born, handsome, 6′ tall boy, double degree in Actuarial Sciences & Mathematics, Software Engineer in Bay Area CA. Highly educated family well settled in US and Australia. WhatsApp biodata & recent photos on +61401500790 or [email protected]

Match for Kamboj Sikh boy, August 1976, 5′-6″,never married B.Sc. B.Ed, MA, M.Ed. MBA, Govt. job. Upper caste welcome. Contact: 98880-82149.

Suitable match for handsome Jatt Sikh Engineer (BE) boy, 29, 5′-10″.Contact/ whatsapp: 98159-93894, 96993-00021.

Jat Sikh Gill boy, 5′-11″, 1992, New Zealand citizen. Seeks educated beautiful girl. Canadian residing girl preferred. Contact: 7009434353.

Garg boy 13.12.1989, 18:55 Chandigarh, 5’-10”, MBA, Amity Leather goods manufacturing factory, Industrial Area, Gurgaon, income 24 lakhs annually, residing Gurgaon. Property Chandigarh. WhatsApp 99151-39377, 99530-61875.

Suitable match for handsome Brahmin boy, USA PR, Issueless   divorcee, short marriage, Born March 1986, 6’-0”, MBA, B.Pharmacy, Working as  Associate Director in MNC in New Jersey. Upper Caste no bar. Kundli  matching  must. Contact with biodata and latest photographs on WhatsApp: +91 8847054175

Professionally qualified well settled B.Tech. boy, working MNC Gurugram, 27/6′, Arora Khatri family settled Panchkula. Looking for working girl suitable minimum 5′-3″ onwards. 97807-46610, 98888-85520.

Suitable match for Saini boy 1986/ 5′-7″. Have Masters in IT (Australia), currently working in Pune in Software MNC and owns inherited land. Both parents were PCMS, father expired, 2 elder sisters settled abroad. Prefer professionally qualified girl. Upper caste no bar. Contact: +91-88002-47580.

Suitable IT qualified, slim, tall match for Saraswat Brahmin handsome, boy, 7 Oct. 1985, 8.00 pm, Dasuya, 5′-11″, Engineering (India), Bachelor of Business Management and Accounts from University of Oregon (USA). Working as Manager in Private company, Portland. Father Executive Engineer retired, mother Govt teacher retired. Sister married, Doctor in Australia. Own house in Jalandhar. Contact: 9872521956.

Suitable Professional match for Sarswat Brahmin boy Dec 1992/ 5′-11″, B.Tech software engineer working in MNC Mohali. Tricity preferred. 90410-49128.

Jatt Sikh boy, 1991 born, 5′-11″, Australian PR, convent educated, Chandigarh born and brought up, having urban and rural property. Looking for a well-educated girl, preferably from tricity or residing in Australia. Contact: +9178888-14307, +9178888-17458.

SM4 Ravidasia boy 1989, 5′-9″. B.Tech, doing M.Sc IT in UK. Doaba preferred. Marriage bureau excuse. Contact: 6239648035, 8837648311.

Majbi Balmiki Canadian PR awaited handsome 25 yrs boy, 170 cms., looking for beautiful educated PR/TR girl. Contact: 98156-02915.

Canada PR Sikh Ramgarhia boy, non-turbaned, Nov. 1992, 5′-9½”, B.Tech (ECE), MBA Canada. Working in Canadian Railway. Marriage bureau excuse. Contact: 9815716083.

Jat Sikh family seeking PQM for their US born son, 31 yr. old, 6′ tall, turbaned, Degree in Computer Science, working for a Fortune 500 company as a Senior Engineer. Admitted to a part time MBA program. Prefer a girl who is in the US or Canada already. Contact with biodata/ pic. Email: [email protected]

Match for Canadian P.R. Labana Sikh boy, 1991/5′-10″ B.E. Thapar University, M.S. (CSE) from Canada, working Software Engineer, package 1,75,000 CAD per year. Father Class I officer (Retd.). Caste no bar. 099887-14788. [email protected]

Jat Sikh American citizen Doctor, MD, 5′-11″, 48 Athletic, looks much younger, issueless divorcee, from Defence Officer family, looking for compatible match 30s to early 40s. Whatsapp: 81466-14799, [email protected]

Well settled, educated Jat Sikh family living in Australia, seeking match for Australian citizen Jatt Sikh boy born 1997/ 5′-11″, Bachelor in Finance and Now completing Post Graduate studies as Chartered Financial Analyst, working in Finance Sector. Seeking Jatt Sikh well educated girl with good family values. Contact with biodata & photo’s to:- [email protected] – WhatsApp:- 98781-08733.

SMF handsome Khatri boy 29 Sept. 89/5′-10″, 7:40 pm, Chandigarh, Diploma in Advance Instrument Technology Indo-Swiss CSIO, working Oil exploration MNC field duty,  Package 25 L+. Own house. Preferred Tricity. Whatsapp 98149-64220.

Match for Saraswat Brahmin boy, Nov. 98, 5′-11″, Software Engineer, Rural Urban Property, around Yamuna Nagar preferred. Contact: 94168-26615.

Wanted professionally well qualified suitable match for Delhi born handsome Jat Sikh boy 35/ 166 (only child) IITian, MBA. Working in a reputed bank in Toronto (Canada) on PR status. In India on a short visit. Family Delhi based. Caste no bar. Email: [email protected]

SM4 Bansal boy, July 94, 6′, MBA, working MNC Mohali. 84277-49732.

Suitable match for Radhasoami Ad-dharmi (Chamar) boy in Canada on work permit, (PR applied), 1995, 5′-11″. Mechanical Engg. Caste no bar. Contact: 9915237489, 9592003320.

Suitable match for Punjabi Hindu Arora handsome, vegetarian, teetotaller, Manglik boy, divorcee, (short marriage) issueless, 5′-5″, 16th June 1982, 1:15 pm, Jalandhar, B.Tech, Engineer in France, good package. Bureau excuse. Whatsapp: +91-9988098786.

PQM 4 Jatt Sikh boy 29, 5′-11”, M.Tech., working in Central Govt. as XEN in Noida, Malwa preferred, WhatsApp: 98234-30129.

Seeking professionally qualified Jatt Sikh match for our 5′-9″, 86 born, Engineer son. Ph.D from USA and currently working as Scientist in USA. Plz send biodata and latest pictures to [email protected]

Match for handsome Khatri boy, 33 yrs, 5′-11″ non-manglik, 11.11.88, 12:35 p.m. Chandigarh, MBA, working in MNC Canada. Educated girl preferred Canada/ India. Ph. No. 98555-07414.

Qualified match for never married US citizen Sikh Ramgarhia clean-shaven boy, 49, 5′-9″, MBA, working MNC. E-mail: [email protected] or Contact: +1-425-408-2496, India +91-7719729952.

Khatri Sikh boy, 6′ tall, 1995 born, B.Tech., working as Executive producer in Chandigarh, prosperous family, Patiala 99150-98030.

Required suitable govt. employed match for Ramgarhia Khati Gursikh boy (Bhari/Spall), 1993, 5’-10”, SDO (Class-A Gazetted) in Punjab govt. at Mohali, residence Mohali. 98149-67499.

Brahmin NewZealand Residing & settled boy 11.11.1990, 11:30pm, Phagwara, 5’-6”.Seeks NewZealand PR /residing /settled/study visa girl,Caste nobar. Contact: 9988666063.  

Khatri Sikh boy, 22.10.1993, 5′-10″, B.Tech, Senior Software Engineer MNC, package Seven digit. Qualified match working and Chandigarh / Punjab preferred. 95010-28693.

Professionally qualified match for March 1995 born Punjabi handsome Brahmin Manglik boy, 5′-11″, Vegetarian, teetotaler, Canadian PR. Dental Hygienist (RDH), Own house, Preferred girl from Canada upper caste no bar. Whattsapp only +177834-41784, +91-94666-89200.

Match for Hindu Arora, Khatri Manglik boy 06.1.91, 03:25 pm, Chandigarh, 5’-8”, B.Tech., running own business in Chandigarh, 18 LPA, well settled family, enjoying all amenties of Life. WhatsApp 73470-57844.

Suitable match for good looking Sikh Khatri boy 33, 5′-9″, Working in MNC, Gurugram handsome package. Send details of girl with photo on: [email protected]

Very Handsome PR Canada boy now working in USA, IT Engineer, Earning 1.5 lac USD, H1B Visa, i40 visa applied, Khatri, 5′-9”, 06-06-90 born, 2:55 am, Chandigarh, Nonsmoker, Nondrinker established educated Chandigarh Business family. 99884-54004.

Canadian PR Lubana Sikh, 28 years, 6 ft., B.Tech., Data Analyst in Bank. Seeks professional compatible match. Lubana preferred. Contact: 94160-52800.

Professionally qualified girl from gursikh family india/abroad for jat Sikh bains boy 1983/6″ M.Sc(H) PU Chandigarh,govt.job,father retired army,brother abroad. [email protected]

Suitable match for educated tall, handsome Khatri Sikh boy from well connected and god fearing family from Mohali. November 1988 born, B.Com.LLB, 5′-11″, Running his own successful business. Mother home-maker, Father businessman. Younger brother settled in Canada. Seeking beautiful educated girl from business oriented family. Whatsapp: 8878000010, 98140-11430.

Professionally qualified match for Post-Graduate Canadian PR Goldsmith Mair Rajput Boy Born 1990 5′-9″ Software Engineer working in IT Company, Toronto  95011-47659, 94630-74455

Shimla based affluent Sood family seeks decent PQM for their son 89 born/6ft /Btech NIT & MBA ISB-Hyd. Wrkg in GGN as DGM/ 38Lpa #9418311548 7018816901

Khatri, Khanna, 1991, 5?7?, BCom, CPA Australia. Looking for suitable match, having or in process to have Canada PR, caste no bar. Exchange bio data on WhatsApp 9988469572.

SM4 Garg boy 6′-1″, 28.03.93, 1.15 P.M, Ambala City. Working at Noida, package 7.00 lacs. Parents Gazetted Officer settled in Chandigarh. Whatsapp 99142-08869.

US/Canada based match for Ramgarhia Sikh boy, Dec. 1991, 5′-11″, MS Computer Science, USA. Working in reputed IT company in USA. Upper caste no bar. 94173-54949

Seeking suitable qualified professional match for 1996 born, 5′-8″,fair complexion clean shaven, Jat Sikh boy, Civil Engineer, Govt job in USA, US citizen. Reply with details to [email protected]

Suitable match for Brahmin boy 23.10.1992, 8.30 p.m., Haridwar, 5′-10″, B.Tech., doing job, package 6 lakhs. Father Engg., mother Govt. Teacher, well settled family. Contact: 94115-02623, 97201-44021.

Beautiful tall girl working/ studying in America for handsome Jat Sikh boy 27/6′-4″ working as Business Analytics Consultant Green card holder son of Army Officer. Email: [email protected] Mob: 97794-61968.

Suitable match for Lubana Sikh handsome UK citizen divorcee boy, born March 1981, 5′-9″, Software Engineer in Scotland. Caste no bar. Contact: 9810016434.

Professionally qualified match for Melbourne based Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin boy, permanent resident of Australia (PR), 1991 born, Master of Information Technology, working as a Supervisor, height 5′-9″, handsome and fit. Family well settled. Caste no bar. Contact: 0061424370312 (WhatsApp), Email: [email protected]

Canada PR Ramgarhia Sikh boy, 4.12.94, 5′-11″, MS in Canada. Seeking Technically qualified  or Canadian girl. Contact. 81465-80302.

Nai Sikh handsome boy 1993/ 6′, Canada PR Telecom Engineer for whom well educated, beautiful & vegetarian girl required. Contacts: 9465134808, 9855264620

Suitable match for a short-term divorcee Jat boy, 9.11.89, 9:40 p.m.  Rohtak, Haryana, 6′-3″, B.Tech. NIT Raipur, M.B.A. New York, working as a Sr. Manager at a finance firm, Seattle, H-1B work visa, PR Canada. Father retd. college Principal. Mother  retd. Head Mistress. Caste no bar. Contact: 94171-49054, 98960-14711.

Wanted well-educated match for Saraswat Brahmin, 10th August 1993, Jalandhar born, 5′-9″, USA citizen, working in IT Sector, family well settled in USA, kundli must, B.Sc Nursing/ Medico professional girl preferred. Send biodata. WhatsApp: 90414-23415.

Qualified match for Saraswat Brahmin handsome boy, 1993, 6’, B.Tech, Working at Gurugram. Contact: 88825-25336.

Ravidasia Canadian citizen, 30 yrs, 6′-0″ boy, B.Tech (Engg). Seeks beautiful BDS, B.Sc. Nursing, B.Tech etc. Student Punjabi girl in Canada BC preferred. 9780114941, 9646525857.

Suitable MBBS/ Dentist doctor match for Australian resident Jat Sikh MBBS Consultant Physician India born,March 1988, 5′-11″, tall. Whatsapp: 79019-04509.

Suitable USMLE cleared Doctor match for USMLE cleared MBBS MS ENT Ravidasia handsome boy 1992, 5’-8”, SR at AIIMS NewDelhi, Well reputed family of Punjab. Contact: 9872143750.  

Match for Hindu Ravidasia issueless widower 49/ 5′-11”, Post graduate, Chandigarh Govt. Employee, Income 12 Lacs. WhatsApp 94650-00268.

PQM for Garg boy, 1992 born, 5’5″, Convent educated, B.E. from Thapar University, Working in SBI as PO, Parents retired Govt. employees. Govt. job girl preferred. Bureaus excuse. 9646657317,9988495319

Jat Sikh vegetarian boy, 30/5′-7″, P.G. Diploma, P.R. in Canada (Brampton). Wanted well qualified girl in Canada. Mohali Distt. preferred. Mob. No. 70098-87844.

Brahmin boy, 30 Nov. 1994, 5′-10″ MS Computer, working Senior Software Engineer, H1B Visa USA. Family settled Chandigarh. Girl on study/ work visa from North Indian family preferred. 94171-21963.

SM for Hindu Punjabi boy, 5′-8″, M.Sc. & MBA. 82, working MNC, 10.5 lacs. Upper caste welcome. 63972-24343 (WhatsApp).