December 9, 2023

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American Visa For Norwegian, Portuguese and Japanese Citizens


The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (US ESTA) is an online visa waiver for Norwegians entering the United States for short-term visits. Although some travelers are required to have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months, Norwegian visitors’ passports only need to be valid for the duration of their stay in the US. This is because Norway is part of the “Six-Month Club”. The US Department of Homeland Security created the Six-Month Club in 2014. It is a list of countries whose nationals do not require a passport valid for at least 6 months after the intended date of arrival. It gives flexibility to Norwegian travelers who only need to ensure their passports remain valid during their stay in the United States. US visa policy allows Norwegian citizens to travel to the US without a visa. To do so, they must first register for ESTA under the terms of the US Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The ESTA authorizes entry for tourism, business and transit. It grants entry to visit friends or family, explore tourist attractions, attend a business meeting or conference, or simply travel across the United States to your final destination. The ESTA is valid for 2 years and grants Norwegians multiple entries to the US and a 90-day stay on each visit. It offers a lot of flexibility for Norwegian citizens who plan to travel to the US as often and as they wish. The ESTA can be obtained by filling out an online application form which normally takes 15 minutes to complete. This saves the Norwegian traveler from the longer and more complex process of applying for a US visa.

Requirements Of America Visa For Norwegian Citizens

  • Passport – one of the requirements is a valid passport. Make sure that what you have is an electronic passport with a digital chip containing bio-metric information.
  • E-mail address – even though your visa will be linked to your passport electronically, you still need a copy to present at the immigration office once you arrive in the US. You will receive your copy via e-mail in PDF format. Remember to print it out before your flight.
  • Means of payment – You can use different methods such as credit/debit card or a PayPal account.


The America has been a popular tourist destination since the glamour of its culture and lifestyle in movies. If you have a Japanese passport, you will be pleased to know that you can easily enter the United States with a US ESTA. Japanese travelers wishing to travel to the United States for tourism, business, or transit purposes can apply for an ESTA (also known as the Electronic System for Travel Authorization). You do not need to apply for a traditional US visa for Japanese. The US ESTA is the only document required by the US government for Japanese citizens. The US ESTA application process for Japan is quick and easy.

America ESTA Requirements for Citizens of Japan

  • Valid Japanese passport. The applicant’s passport needs to be valid on the intended date of arrival in the United States
  • Valid payment method. To complete and submit the ESTA application, travelers must pay the application fee. This can be done with a valid debit or credit card
  • Device with internet access. In order to fill out the application, travelers will need to use a device that has internet access, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Valid email address. Finally, travelers are required to enter a valid email address on their application. This is to ensure that all notifications regarding the America ESTA status will be promptly delivered after the authorization has been approved


If you are a foreign citizen who needs to do business in the United States, you will most likely need a business (B-1) visa. As the center of world trade, the US attracts millions of business travelers each year. The B1 US business visa is designed for short-term business trips to the United States and is typically issued for a period of 6-12 months and is intended to support business activities such as attending conferences, negotiations, etc. The scope of this visa is broad and allows all kinds of activities in addition to the actively running a business. 


  • Your valid passport
  • Proof of funds
  • Letters supporting your reason of visiting the US
  • Letter from your employer if traveling as an employee
  • Proof of business ownership if you are traveling as a businessperson
  • Insurance and other supporting documents
  • That your visit to the United States is for business purposes.
  • You have sufficient financial means to support yourself during your stay in the United States.
  • You intend to leave the United States once your visa expires and you will not be returning home. Country.


  • That your visit to the United States is for business purposes.
  • You have sufficient financial means to support yourself during your stay in the United States.
  • You intend to leave the United States once your visa expires and you will not be returning home. Country.


Portuguese people planning to travel to the US in the near future should check if their country participates in the US Visa Waiver Program. If so, you are eligible for a US ESTA. Portuguese citizens can apply for an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) visa waiver to travel to the United States. The US ESTA allows Portuguese citizens to visit the United States for tourism, business, transit, medical, and short-term study purposes without a visa for up to 90 days per visit. This document permits entry into US states that use the electronic travel authorization system. Because the process is electronic, it is not mandatory to go to a US embassy to apply for the visa.


  • Passport – you need to have a valid passport if traveling abroad. For US ESTA, nevertheless, you require an electronic passport with a digital chip that contains bio-metric data.
  • Email address – even if your visa is going to be connected to your passport you still need a printed copy to show at the immigration office once you arrive at the US. You will receive your visa via email.
  • Payment method – You can use methods like credit/debit cards or a PayPal account to pay for the US ESTA fees.


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